Our bistro

The menu offers light, simple dishes as well as rich, filling dinners. From time to time, our executive chef creates pop-up menus to reflect seasonality.

Posner Bistro & Bar

Oasis in the bustling city



In the heart of the bustling city, right next to Hunyadi Square, Posner Bistro can be an oasis for those looking for a place for a business meeting or a cosy dinner, who love attentive service and are constantly looking for new gastronomic experiences.


Our restaurant and bar are open until 11 pm. Sometimes we offer music events and various programmes to enrich your weekdays. A pleasant surprise for visitors from the busy city centre is the modern yet intimate restaurant and bar with its spacious, comfortable spaces and exciting lights.


Unlike in Budapest, the drink menu will focus on Hungary's top wine regions and most popular producers, and the best products of the Kreinbacher house, which pioneered the French sparkling wine-making process, will be also available.


Tamás Lipták

executive chef

The pursuit of the organic and most natural products, the use of local ingredients and the love of simple solutions are the legacy of years spent in Denmark. The vibrancy and bohemianism of London's pubs and restaurants has stuck with him. He has travelled the broad spectrum of hospitality, from small locales to top gastronomic sanctuaries.

For Tamás, Posner is all about freshness: showcasing the rich flavours of Hungarian cuisine with farm-grown ingredients. The bistro is the conceptual framework, and he fills it with everything he has seen around the world as well as what he loves most about Hungarian gastronomy. With his arrival, the team has a new engine. The most important goal is for people to experience the restaurant as it was born in his mind. He believes in nomen est omen, that is, at Up Hotel Budapest, the only way to go is up.

Responsible for the guest experience

Gábor Hajlinger

F&B manager

Gábor got his start in hospitality at a young age, obtaining his early experience in England. He went to London for six months, but the world of five-star hotels became a love affair that kept him bound to the island nation for a decade. His premise is constant change. There is always something to learn and always something to improve at. At the same time, it is unnecessary to buck every trend. Knowing and respecting tradition is as valuable as learning something new.

With his arrival, a new era begins. His 22 years of professionalism, precision and meticulous attention to detail will play a major role in shaping the guest experience. Together with the executive chef, they are working to make Posner a vibrant, lively place to eat and visit. And if you are a champagne enthusiast, you will find a counterpart at heart. He pays passionate attention to the history, making and flourishing of the French drink. That is why the Posner bar does not offer the usual range of drinks in Budapest. Our focus is primarily on Hungary's premier wine regions, the best renowned producers and the finest products of the Kreinbacher house, a pioneer of the French sparkling wine-making process in Hungary.